April 8, 2024
New Moon Flow

Bless your wings for they have journeyed far. Join Heidi MacPherson as she continues her lunar wisdom messages through the wings of migrating birds. April’s new moon sequence is a continuum of March's lunation, a dedicated sequence to service the shoulders and upper body. This class pays tribute to the arrival of Spring migratory birds. Some have travelled thousands of miles to renew, replenish, and continue the welcoming cycles of Spring. Expect detailed shoulder work with supported breathwork, within a steady, full spectrum flow. The sounds of Spring are expressed in the glissandos of Heidi's harp.


Coastal Bliss Yoga


use your pass or drop in for $23 + tax


6:00 - 7:15pm


April 8th, 2024

Upcoming Events

Apr 15
Yin & Acupuncture Spring & The Wood Element
Join Yoga Instructor Dawn Batenchuk and Acupuncturist Robyn K. Sorge for a Seasonal Wisdom workshop bridging Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine.
Apr 12
Invoke the Goddess Within
Together we will harness the energy of spring and welcome greater clarity of our hearts’ intentions for the season.
Mar 23
Yoga & Ayurveda
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Apr 20
The very popular and fun all-levels acroyoga led by Amber Keith is back!
Mar 25
Full Moon Flow
Heidi guides you seamlessly through lunar mandala-inspired Asana and supported breathwork. Expect mantra, harmonium and pause for reflection.
Apr 8
New Moon Flow
Join Heidi MacPherson as she continues her lunar wisdom messages through the wings of migrating birds.
Mar 30
Reflexology & Restorative Yoga for the Immune System
Join Laura Heininger for this Reflexology with Restorative Yoga class designed to boost your immunity and benefit symptoms of colds.

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