October 20, 2023
Yoga for Conscious Birth

Essentials of Pre & Post Natal Yoga

85 hr Registered PreNatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT)


Join Rebekka Walker for this special immersion into pre & post natal yoga. This course is offered in four modules. You may choose to enroll in 1 or more modules, (open to teachers or anyone interested in this topic). Or enroll in all 4 to obtain your Yoga Alliance certification for 85 hr Registered PreNatal Yoga Teacher (RYPT). This program is designed so the modules can be studied in any order. Module 2 is offered Oct 20-22, 2023. Refer to descriptions and dates of modules below.


Module 1 - Foundations of Pre & Post Natal Yoga 

20 hrs Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits

Date: Fall, 2024

The course will dive into the essentials of pregnancy, a healthy pre/post natal yoga practice, the basics of yoga for postpartum recovery and the optimal way to support students with pre & post natal yoga in public classes and one on one.

By the end of this weekend you will have created an understanding of:

  • The essentials of a healthy practice for pre/post natal
  • Key posture, breath and meditative ritual practices
  • Sequencing safely for the 4 Trimesters
  • Common pregnancy and early motherhood conditions
  • Basics of biomechanics for pre/post natal
  • The 4th trimester’ essentials
  • Foundations of teaching Pre and Post Natal Yoga
  • Relaxation techniques to support birth and motherhood


Module 2 - Sacred Dance: A Journey Through the Trimesters 

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits

Date: Oct 20-22, 2023

  • Explore and study fetal development and the physical, energetic, psycho emotional and spiritual changes in the pregnant person.
  • Yoga practices including movement, breath, meditation for each trimester including the birthing room.
  • Birth practices around the world including matriarchal archetypes
  • Mothering the Mother: Care and wellness practices for the expectant and new Mother.


Module 3 - Sacred Circle: Anatomy of Pregnancy, Birth and the Postpartum Period

Online 25 hours (6 virtual sessions, approx 4 hrs each; live with the option for pre-recorded access)

25 hrs Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits

Date: Winter, 2023/24

  • Study of anatomy and physiological changes of pregnancy and postpartum
  • Study of anatomy and physiological changes of pregnant person and fetus in each trimester
  • The Business of Birth: Create your Circle, understand your role in birthwork
  • Decolonizing Birthwork


Module 4 - Sacred Space: Working with Grief and Trauma in the Pregnant/Postpartum 20 hrs

20 hrs Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits

Date: Spring, 2024

  • Practices for Grief and Trauma
  • Support and Planning for Remote communities
  • Symptoms and Practices for Postpartum depression
  • Integrating and Refining your voice as Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teacher
  • Teaching Prenatal Yoga - class planning, sequencing and workshops for each trimester
  • Prenatal yoga ethics and guidelines
  • Teaching Practicum



About Rebekka:

The Creative Director of Vancouver School of Healing Arts, Rebekka is a Yoga Alliance Certified E-RYT 500, RPYT and Certified Doula. With a background in Iyengar, Vinyasa, Restorative, Anusara Yoga, & over 2000 hours of teacher training in these methods, her lifelong study and exploration of tantric and buddhist philosophy, North & South American Shamanism, Ayurveda, and therapeutic bio-mechanics, has led Rebekka to develop and teach yoga & yoga therapy programs worldwide. Guiding mothers into a sacred and conscious birth, while training yogis to share in earth based wisdom traditions, have been her passion for over 20 years. With a focus on alignment and inspiration, Rebekka’s classes, courses, retreats and workshops are heart warming, poetic journeys, inside and out…A contributing writer for various publications, when she isn’t travelling to assist in births, teach, write or practice you can find her at home in the woods with her daughter, partner and dog.


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October 20 - 22, 2023

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