Welcome to Coastal Bliss Yoga

Warm 7am Mornings

Embrace the December morning sunrise in a warmed studio space. Our infrared heaters are nourishing in our coastal climate. Research has shown that infrared heat generates warm wavelengths that our bodies absorb naturally. Infrared heat dilates capillaries which improves blood circulation offering a natural reduction of morning stiffness and inflammation.

December Friendship Hour 11am

11am Classes are designed for all levels of practitioners who want effective alignment instruction for optimal stability and mobility. Yang Yin provides that perfect balance of building strength and stability to explore ranges of motion in the hips and shoulder joints while working with held yin shapes that release cohesion in myofascial chains that support the hips, shoulders, and spine. Pre and postnatal friendly on Tuesdays with Jacky Challenger. Bring a friend for free (valid Mon-Thurs only). Please email info@coastalblissyoga.com with the name of your friend in advance and we will pre-register them.

The Studio

At Coastal Bliss Yoga we are committed to skillfully teaching the art and science of yoga. It is our aim to hold an inclusive community space that supports growth, well-being and diversity.

Coastal Bliss Yoga operates within the Hahuulthii of the Tla-o-qui-aht Ha’wiih. We are a member of the Tribal Park Allies.

Upcoming Events

Dec 7
Full Moon Vinyasa
Each Full Moon, join us for a special Full Moon class.
Dec 9
Indigenous Plant Medicine Circle, Breath and Movement
Experience winter’s release, the warmth of its embrace, and the dreams that unfold in this class.
Dec 10
Seasonal Family Music & Yoga Circle
Welcome all families, babies, children, and parents for yoga and song, circle time and the decorating of our Intention Tree.
Dec 16
Release, Embrace and Dream
Release 2022, Embrace 2023 and Dream — a 2 hour class with Sound Practitioner and Somatic Therapist, Lex Venn and Yoga instructor, Heidi MacPherson
Dec 17
A Dark Night's Lullaby
Join Heather and Dawn for an evening of sound and restorative yoga.
Dec 19
Winter Solstice Yin Drum Circle
A community gathering to celebrate Winter Solstice within the Spirit of Place.
Dec 21
Winter Solstice 108 Salutations
Join us for our annual event to welcome back the light.
Jan 1
New Year's Beach Yoga
Celebrate the New Year, Tofino style, with all levels yoga on North Chesterman Beach